OXO: Product Videos

To help drive sales and brand awareness, OXO enlisted us to create high quality videos that showcase their products’ unique features. First we worked with OXO’s brand team to develop a fresh look and feel. Then we designed a highly efficient and scalable production model to support the large volume of content they needed. To date, we’ve produced over 600 product videos, which have been used across OXO’s digital platforms from retail point of sale to social and paid media.

OXO Tot Video Compilation

To shoot OXO’s line of baby and toddler products, we adapt our studio and production plan to accommodate our young stars. We bring in trusted child performance coaches and foster a calm, baby-friendly atmosphere on set to keep babies relaxed and smiling.

Recipe "How Tos"

We created a series of step-by-step recipes videos to help OXO engage audiences on their social media platforms and blog site. The 1 minute videos teach viewers how to master essential culinary skills, such as carving a turkey, making pie crust, roasting a variety of vegetables, and more. Watch the videos >

OXO Cleaning Compilation

OXO products are designed for use in every room of the home. We’ve built modular sets that allow us to efficiently shift from shooting in one scene (kitchen, bathroom, office, pantry, etc.) to another. Each set is designed with careful attention to OXO’s brand aesthetic.