We are a team of storytellers, artists & technologists.

Since 2013 RECREATION Films has been a trusted creative partner & secret weapon to some of the world’s top brands & agencies. Our clients rely on our nimble approach to delivering high quality, authentic content across an uncommonly wide range of styles & budgets.

We believe strong communication, fearlessness & flexibility are the keys to any successful collaboration, & that hard work & having a lot of fun should never be mutually exclusive.


  • “We work with RECREATION on our most important projects because we need to be able to trust that it’s going to turn out exactly as we expect. They not only deliver at the highest quality, they do it with a friendly smile. In a business that can be tense and stressy, these guys keep an even keel, make it fun and deliver A+ work.”

    Joshua Graham Lynn Co-founder, Represent.us
  • “Recreation is plain awesome! They took the time to understand what our brand needed and delivered a creative, energetic ad that perfectly captured our personality and tone while educating consumers on our products. Plus, they’re great partners – flexible, helpful and super easy to work with.”

    Breezy Griffith CEO, SkinnyDipped
  • “Every agency needs a Recreation in their lives. In a world where content is king and there’s never enough of it you need a production partner that not only understands what your clients are trying to communicate, but can also execute it with speed and quality, on budget and make you look you smart. Recreation has been exactly that partner for us for over 10 years and I am thrilled to have them on our side. ”

    Casey McGrath CCO, Night After Night
  • “It’s rare to find a nimble partner with both creative skills and production/logistical expertise, but that’s exactly what we’ve found in RECREATION. They have helped us develop a content machine where none existed, going from a video every few months to more than 150 per year – and those videos have driven outsized results across social and retail channels in terms of brand engagement and sales.”

    Lindsay Mecca Dir. Brand Communications, OXO
  • “The Recreation team really knocked this one out of the park. They rose to every challenge we were met with and helped create an impactful video that has already helped with product sell-in and performance. Not only are they creative, efficient, and thorough but the team is also awesome to work with and they create a great collaborative day on set. Looking forward to working with them more!”

    Cate Kendall Dir. of Marketing, Eastpoint Sports
The Founders

The Matt’s began their careers traveling the world making documentaries, music videos, commercials & weird comedy before respectively settling into agency life in the mid 2000’s. This is where they developed a deeper understanding for how brands connect with audiences & what it takes to supercharge good ideas into great ads. When they finally collided in 2013, RECREATION was born.

Over the past 18 years they’ve written, shot & directed thousands of pieces of content for top agencies, non-profits, startups & Fortune 500 brands across all sectors.

Beyond sharing a name, they were born 4 days apart, are older than they look, each have 2 kids under the age of 8, live in quaint suburban towns & often speak in metaphors.

A word on diversity

At RECREATION we play with everyone. Diversity & inclusion aren’t things we strive for, they’re simply part of who we are & how we roll. RECREATION is a 50% minority owned business & we’re committed to proudly representing humankind in all its forms – in our offices, on our sets, on camera & in who we partner with. It’s our deep belief that the broader the spectrum of humanity among our collaborators, the richer & more interesting the experience, & ultimately the work we make, becomes. We want everyone who works with us to feel safe, respected & welcome because that’s what we all deserve. It also just so happens to be when we’re at our personal & creative best.

Our Clients

We’ve partnered with some of the best & brightest but we’re just getting started. Let us know how we can help you.

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