OXO: Various

OXO came to us with a 3 part challenge:

1) make their content as slick & thoughtful as their products

2) take them from a few videos per year to more than 150

3) design a winning content playbook that would bring them lasting value beyond the content itself

As OXO’s content partner we created thousands of pieces of content, including over 1,000 product videos, commercials, brand films, how-to’s & recipe videos. All with a customized production pipeline that helped to transform their brand & increase sales by over 20%, four years in a row.

Watch the story above of how we did it & then check out (some of) the work below.

Product Videos

OXO needed us to come up with an elevated take on product videos, one that reflected the thoughtful design of their products. Through simple but clever graphics, cinematic lighting & aspirational styling we gave them exactly what they were looking for.

To the right is 1 of over 1,000 product videos we created across all categories including cooking, baking, cleaning, coffee, bath, organization, grilling & their Tot line.


POP: Endless Possibilities

To help launch the redesign of OXO’s iconic Pop Containers, we created a campaign to show how the containers can transform storage in any room. We shot for 3 aspect ratios & delivered each in various lengths from :15 – :60 giving OXO the ability to run the spot across all channels & platforms.

Brand Anthem

In our continued collaboration with OXO they asked us to create a short brand film that communicated their company values & meticulous approach to product design.

Hero Brand Spot

In order to show OXO’s breadth of products & categories we created this spot pulling content from the mountain of product videos we’ve produced for them over the years. This spot is by far OXO’s most successful paid campaign to date. Racking up over 11MM views on Youtube alone & with a 48% completion rate, which is +114% Google’s benchmark.

OXO Brew Film

OXO asked us to create a digital spot to promote its line of coffee & tea brewing products. We infused the video with sumptuous closeups of cascading beans & slow-motion coffee pours to stoke caffeine cravings & inspire viewers to brew their perfect cup.


We created a series of step-by-step recipes videos to help OXO engage audiences on their social media platforms & blog site. The 1 minute videos teach viewers how to master essential culinary skills, such as carving a turkey, making pie crust, roasting a variety of vegetables, & more. Watch the videos >

TOT Compilation

To shoot OXO’s line of baby & toddler products, we adapted our studio & production plan to accommodate our young stars. We work with top child wranglers & foster a calm, baby-friendly atmosphere on set to keep babies relaxed & smiling.

OXO 30th Anniversary Film

With OXO turning 30 they came to us to tell their story. While we’ve gotten to know OXO quite well over the past 4 years as their content partner of record, this project took us back to the beginning and we were honored to bring their history to life.

Client: OXO

Production Company: Recreation Films

Director: Matt Donovan
Director of Photography: Matty McClain
Producers: Chris Gaida, Dana Inglehart
Associate Producer: Tom McDonald
First ADs: Delavega, Cullen Belleville, Ed Helman
First AC: Andreas Roalsvig, Taylor Dekker
Gaffers: Cory Dahn, Stefan Skripak, Jesse Sperling

Art Leads: Andy Aidekman, Lisa Lowe, David Brenneman, Elysia Belilove

Art Assistant: Haley Lukaczyk, Camille Boismain, Elizabeh Sanchez
Production Assistant: James Cross, Collin Ullmann

Runner PA: Richard Ibezim
Editors: Nathaniel Cunningham, Mauricio Soto, Anthony Johns

Make-Up: Rashida Bolden, Charles Zambrano

Actors: Beatriz Ramirez, Penelope Ramirez, Laval Alsbrooks, Ingrid Roumengas, Aysha Hamed, Tinuke Adentunji, John Anantua, Morgan Starr, Giancarlo Carmona, The Cunniffe Family, Tim Tracy, Andrew Matthews, Christine Snow, Patricia Lawrence, Anisah Jabar