AXE: Irresistible

Unilever needed to expand their AXE ‘Irresistible’ commercial into a global digital campaign, including billboards and in-store signage. This required a content partner who could faithfully recreate higher resolution stills to match the spot. Working with the Aruliden agency, we came up with a plan to shoot in studio and build out full 3D backgrounds to match the city streets in Barcelona where the original ad was captured.

With Aruliden in New York, Unilever in the UK, our VFX team in Oregon and the studio shoot in Barcelona, Spain we leveraged our experience producing complex projects remotely during Covid and made it all happen seamlessly.

The number of time zones we were collaborating within was enough to make your head spin but this was an important set of deliverables and everything had to be just right. Juggling extremely sensitive stakeholder decisions around every detail of the creative, we worked a lot of late nights and early mornings in order to deliver on the brief and satisfy the clients’ needs.

Ultimately this project was a true testament to what’s possible with smart remote collaboration and a great team. Massive kudos to the talent, Diaz Wichmann & 9iFX studios, and our new friends at Aruliden.

Without access to locations or wardrobe we had to track down, and in some cases create perfect matches for everything our talent wore in the original.

For locations we worked off low resolution images to fully build large scale VFX backgrounds that fit the aesthetic of the campaign.

The scope came to include original product shots as well.

Client: Unilever / Axe

Agency: Aruliden

Production Company: Recreation Films

Executive Producer: Matt Donovan

Producer: Kristin Forte

VP, Brand: Marc Woolard

Account Director: Lauren Weinfuss

Art Director: Skyler Vander Molen

Production Manager: Sean Mitchell-Henry

Photographer: Rodrigo Diaz Wichmann

Lighting Assistant: Edu Viza

Photo Assistant: Christopher Willan

DIT: Jose Ramon Viza

Wardrobe & Styling: Sofia Marino

Hair & Makeup: Nika Erion

Covid Protocol: Belen Sauca

Talent: Solomon Yeboah, Barbara Gonzalez Rada 

3D/VFX Post Studio: 9iFX