Bradshaw Home:

Housewares giant Bradshaw Home brought us on as their content partner in early 2023 to do for them what we’ve done for countless others. They not only needed a full creative refresh of video across their top brands, but they needed us to develop an intuitive, efficient, plug & play content pipeline.

We got to work, building on the battle tested processes and workflow we’ve been honing for similar brands over the years. The result was a frictionless and repeatable production model that enabled us to deliver over 300 pieces of high quality, multi-channel content in under 12 months.

How we did it ...


27 days on set, 7 days on location, 100 products, 300+ videos, all crammed into a snappy 1 minute edit!

Big thanks to our entire in-house team, crew, models, editors and food stylists for bringing great energy and crazy talent to work every single day.