Bradshaw Home: Various

Housewares giant Bradshaw Home brought us on as their content partner in early 2023 to do for them what we’ve done for countless others. They not only needed a full creative refresh of video across their top brands, but they needed us to develop an intuitive, efficient, plug & play content pipeline.

We got to work, building on the battle tested processes and workflow we’ve been honing for similar brands over the years. The result was a frictionless and repeatable production model that enabled us to deliver over 300 pieces of high quality, multi-channel content in under 12 months.

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GoodCook is America’s #1 kitchen tools and gadget brand. For 30 years they’ve been known as a value brand that makes affordable everyday products. We needed to elevate the look of their content in a way that still ¬†felt accessible but continued to honor the brand’s history and consumers.


Casabella is Bradshaw’s marquee brands, known for all things cleaning and organizing. This video for the Clean Water Flat Mop is an example of how we refreshed the brand’s overall look and feel, incorporating 2D and 3D animation to highlight the key features that make this product unique.


Evercare was founded by the inventor of the lint roller and is now one of Bradshaw’s top brands. In developing the new look and feel for their content, the idea was to keep it constant enough with the Bradshaw universe of GoodCook and Casabella that we could quickly and efficiently move between brands on a given shoot day.

How we did it ...


Here’s a sneak peek at how we do it. 27 days on set, 7 days on location, 100 products, 300+ assets, all crammed into a snappy 1 minute edit!

Big thanks to our entire in-house team, crew, models, editors and food stylists for bringing great energy and crazy talent to work every single day.