Represent.Us: Electile Dysfunction

To drive awareness and bolster their efforts toward passing the Freedom to Vote Act, Represent.Us needed to make a splash. First premiering on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow before taking off on social media this spot did exactly that.

We had just a week to put together what needed to convincingly emulate a proper pharmaceutical ad, including remotes with celebrity talent. And we pulled it off with the help of an amazing team of collaborators. Nothing excites us more than when our work helps to affect real positive change.

The Rachel Maddow stamp of approval

Rachel Maddow premiered the spot on her nightly MSNBC show and needless to say, we were quite flattered 🙂

Client: Represent.Us

Production Company: Recreation Films

Director: Ryan Kleier

Director of Photography: Matty McClain

AD: Matt Donovan

Producers: Ryan Kleier, Kristin Forte

Gaffer: Dino Davaros

Key Grip: Elias Tejada

AC: Willa Pisarski

Sound Mixer: Frank Flaherty

PA: Stuart Reed Martin

Editor: Ralph Mastromonaco

Actors: Sean Kleier, Jessica Saul, Chris De La Cruz, Jess Nurse, Jake Johnson, Jonathan Scott, Mark Ruffalo